Do we need teach our children our homeland language?

I live all my life as an immigrant. Childhood untill adult life, always with more than 2 languages in comunicate.... Home we had afghan langiage, which is Dari. But me and my siblings , we mix russian, uzbek, dari, hindi, english languages swedish become common for us, coz we live in sweden. 
My topic is that, now i m upbringing two babies, Sophia jaan and Samantha jaan. They understand Dari, but i mostly talk swedish. Coz I really dont want my babies to have problem in their Kindergarten...And I want use mostly swedish, coz my babies gonna live and study in sweden ( by our and my hubby). When u have more than 1 language, it becomes consentration roblem. I my self, when i want to write in swedish, it comes in english, proverbs and sayings. Which i truelly do niot like. I ll be writting more abt all my experiences about language, coz i va studied languages quite long time. And never felt that i have some language that i know 100%... 

Diet soup Chaat

Chaat is a very easy soup or sallad if we may call it or name it! i m loading pictures of stuffs u need. once u eat it, u not gonna be hungry in longer hours. it has a lot proteins. Do comment and give me u r good and bad feedbacks. i ll be happy! lots of us women and girls have problem with weight lossing. I , my self been suffering after 2 deleveries. I was 90 kilos. Now came down to 65 kilos. But my own constant weight was 50😁! 
u need for Chaat soup:
red onions
chicken(fried or boiled its up to u n callories u need)
Chaat masala that u find easily in foriegn stores
and potatos if u r not doing like millitary diet
mix all these ingridiens and make Noshe jaan! it smells a bit proteins coz los beans and chicken but corriander and red oniobs ll make it to smell better! and do comment how u like it or not! 
good luck my pretty belly ladies😙❤ love u all 😙❤

Healthy fried chicken!

Its so easy as a piece of pie! Take checken, leave it with spices in 1 hour in u r fridge, rhen put in a fried pan wiyh water, like 2 dl (swedish dl cups). Then steam it in the water, do this thing again and again untill chickem is ready! Less water and repetition will make chiken tasty! And the result will ne a tasty steam fried chicken! 
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