Stockholm in terror attack

Today was a bit sad day... Stockholm attacked by terrorists. And all these happened infront of our newly opened shop... My husband seen everything and was shocked.... I was at home , was writting home assignment... I told my hubby that i ll come as soon as i m done with assignmnt... its friday and i may take babies too, in order to have a quality time... 
I was sitting and writting, my hubby called, and he was shouting that he never did before.... He was yelling with loud voice " where r u, where r u, where r babies , call nd see uf anyone was in City Stockolm..." I tryed to calm down him, but i felt that he was in horror... 
then he told what happene... I was shocked too... 
i m loading a video that captured the car from the back...and u can see how fast is that...

Anastasia BH

Hi guys, I know that everyone of u using the lipsticks called matt ones. And Anastasia is one of the popular ones. Just wanted to share my personal openion that this lipstick become small balls on lips, i catch on my coffee to go cup, that i ll put here. And I m fond of matt listicks, but still in search of the better one... plz share u r openions on comments field so not just me but  every lady can take the benefit...#peace

Ginger drink Chawa

200 gr ginger
300 gr Ghur (dark sugar)
Cardemum 2 teaspoons or 12 pieces
Wallnut chopped 3 spoonfull
black tea 2 tea bags
2 cups of water
take a boiling dish and mix all the ingredients below and boil it 3-4 mins. And then drink it when its warm. It helps to stay warm and specially for ladies after baby birth or for period time is highli recomended!
Enjoy the tasty drink😋😍😚