Healthy fried chicken!

Its so easy as a piece of pie! Take checken, leave it with spices in 1 hour in u r fridge, rhen put in a fried pan wiyh water, like 2 dl (swedish dl cups). Then steam it in the water, do this thing again and again untill chickem is ready! Less water and repetition will make chiken tasty! And the result will ne a tasty steam fried chicken! 
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How i m doing to reduce mummy tommy

Since I m a mother of two and study and work( help my husband) so its obvious that i have really lil time. And I gained weigt line 40 kilos while two pregnancy... my face changed, I behin to feel bad about it. Usually dippresed.... coz was not suttisfied with my look... Then begin to go gym... line 2 months was ok, but then i could not make time for my gym. Then i did my excercis at home. My arms, belly, foot is to large noe, so began with Anny Tiffany s arm and belly reducing one. Its really working... and now i begin to buy home gym stuffs. After babies sleep i do 30 mins of bike, and then 15 mins of ring on belly and Anny Tiffany s arm amd belly sport from youtube! 
Feeling better, and slim my self. And m not eating sweets, pasta, rice, fried stuffs
Be slim moms, good luck to all of us❤😎