Do we need teach our children our homeland language?

I live all my life as an immigrant. Childhood untill adult life, always with more than 2 languages in comunicate.... Home we had afghan langiage, which is Dari. But me and my siblings , we mix russian, uzbek, dari, hindi, english languages swedish become common for us, coz we live in sweden. 
My topic is that, now i m upbringing two babies, Sophia jaan and Samantha jaan. They understand Dari, but i mostly talk swedish. Coz I really dont want my babies to have problem in their Kindergarten...And I want use mostly swedish, coz my babies gonna live and study in sweden ( by our and my hubby). When u have more than 1 language, it becomes consentration roblem. I my self, when i want to write in swedish, it comes in english, proverbs and sayings. Which i truelly do niot like. I ll be writting more abt all my experiences about language, coz i va studied languages quite long time. And never felt that i have some language that i know 100%... 

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