Back from death to life for 100.000 dollars-reality story

Herat, late 90's  the weather was fine, and everywhere, was field with people and everyone was busy with their everyday life. Some of them go to work, som of people were often in mosque for the Namaz and Ebadat (pray time)or Khatme Quran ( Kuran finishing prayers), 5 times of Azan . Herat is situated near Iran, so peoples language are quite close to Farsi (persian)than Dari (afghan language). Herat is very famous with its rich history and a lot famous writters and educated ppl of afghanistan been there, or born there, or burried in Herat. People used to call it ancient Herat. They very attractive picture comes to the veiw when one talk about this beautiful city. The pretty golden color of ancient buildings make this city more attractive.
People of this city have been always happy and generous, and their food reminds of persian cuisine. The families are big, and they gather often to have good time with their dear ones. Every family has more than 2 children, and that makes more lovely their gatherings. " Tifl-chiraghe har khana ast"- Children are the lights of every single house, people used to say. 
The joifull atmosphere of the ancient city turn to dark clouded by weapons of political movement called Taliban. They were so powerful and with guns, weapons so they tortured ppl extremly. They beat ppl with varous hand weapon like Durra (made from fabric) if ppl didnt go to mosque for 5 times each day. Besides, a lot more that can written a book about their killing, torturing ppl. And the most importan, they didnt like some ethnic groups like uzbeks and hazaras. They just killed them for nothing. In Talibans time, if u r man , u must have beard and mustache. And if u r woman, u have to go out with Mahram ( with a man from her family). 
to be continues ......

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