Back from death to life for 100.000 dollars-reality story

2 part
All the " muslimish reformation" of Taliban made life herder for ppl, even the Pashtuns ( the etnicity that Taliban had "better" relation with) was not very saticefied with all the " Islamic restrictions". When a government or in old times a new religion come, just for ppl s sake, and always new invaders made somthing that ppl liked and enjoyed their lives. That how it worked in history. But Taliban had smth special. They wanted to make new history of themselves. 
Days and nights begun to pass one by onother one. Alot ppl run away from their homeland. Those who had mny, better education , went to Russia, those who were avarage class went to Pakistan or India. ppl with less mny and education or analphabetics went to Iran. Every single person tryed hard to run away. 
"Run before they come into the house, run from the back door, take all the family in the care, if there r no seats left , it doesnt matter, u have to come out of Mazar-e-Sharif in one hour. They (Taliban) will enter u,r home about 40 mins. They kill all uzbeks, torture uzbek women badly and then kill them. If the family members has no Hijab or Chadari (Burqa), tell them to take black dresses, and just cover all the body parts, leave open only the eyes. When any one stopped them in Hairatan, tell them( women in family) to down their heads that no one see or get a feeling that there r women in the car. Taliban ,ve arrived in Mazar. Everything is finished. What we can do is run with family ( if we r succed to run alive). They r too cruel against ethnicities like uzbeks and Hazaras. They kill by Wahshat (terror). Its better that family do not face such trauma, as long there r young ladies , and 1 son and four daghters in my family. They rape girls and boys, then kill them.  U need to pass the Uzbekistan border in 40 mins from Mazar. Run the care , as u r running from the death. Leave the house, mny gold whatever we had, Jonita grifta baroi ( just save u r lives). Taliban r the Deats other name.  "- from an uzbek politician who had his family in Mazar. I was a samll child that time, living in Uzbekistan Tashkent. But still get headech when i remember the depression, phone callings of adults that time. 

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