Back from death to life for 100.000 dollars-reality story

Part 3
Majority left their homelands, live with many problems in other countries, the nearest countries like Uzbekisan, Pakistan, India, Iran, Tajikistan, Kazakistan and so on. But there were ppl that had mny and zamin (lands). and it was hard for them to leave at once. They had to do smth. Everyone had a "hope" that country will be a living place again... So it happened to the family that all my story is about. They were 5 brothers. And quite rich , their company had Nimayandagi ( parts of Company) in Kabul, Mazar, Herat, Mashhad (Iran), Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Char Joi ( Turkmenistan) Mari (Turkmenistan), Ashqabad (Turkmenistan). These brother become millionaires in 90's . 5 brothers was like different ppl with different education leve. The big one , who was the boss of company (as the  "rule" the big child is the boss, no matter how he is (must be a male)), educated, pharmaceut. the second one all analphabetic, he was Qari, Mulla( priest). Learn Quran in Mullah home( groups of children learn Quran in home of Mullah or in Mosque), he denied to go school, he said its Kufir (against his religion). The 3 rd brother was politician, studied in Moscow with scholarship. The 4 th brother was the school educated, the muslim one, and the very handsome one. Ppl rumoured about him that not only women but men are  also fond of him. But he was so honest, and kind. He denied all the dull rumours all the time. the 5 brother was a bit not "clever". They had him in company, in order to give him money. He did nothing, no money, not any work. Just usually had problem with ppl, and create problem for the company. And hated his big brother, with the thoughts of " why this Shorawi (ppl from Russia) always is the head of everything. 
These brothers had 6 elder sisters. And all these chidren were brought up by one women whose husband had second wife, and left family all by themselves. The mother and sisters made Gilam ( a special hand made carpet in Afghanistan) in order to educate the boys, and to bring the bread home. The made 2 Gilam every week and sen it to relatives or neighbours Shop in Bazar to sell it and give the 50% of the mny that he earned from The Gilam. 

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