My first nursing attempt...

Yesterday I was on my way to shop after work.Suddenly saw crownd of ppl in front of Åhlens city. And everyone was trying to be helpfull, so did i. And when went nearer, saw a baby, around 8 months, and baby boy was crying , he had some problem that his young mom (around 18-20 years) didnt understan and made pannic. And the lil boy had only his shoes on and the pamoers. It was blowi, and I went near, with a bit shock that baby should not be harmed (lots ppl, a lot different kind of bacteria and so on) . So told his mom that i m a first term finished nursing student. And i told her if she needed help, and she was like "yes" with her head tighted to her sons head. She was stressed. While I was helping with pmace, water, a youtube video for baby, a very sufisticated lady came (Dr. Or highqualified nurse) with finger checked the baby s neck and told " his pulse is all ok, wait for the ambulance". And baby was without stop crying... Itryed to stay calm and saw the baby carefully, and the foot looked swolen, and I asked his mom if i can take off the shoes... And mom was, yes plz... so when i yryed, the shoes was tighyened, with a bit power i got them off from the baby s foot, it was big and red, when i took the shoes off, the baby syopped crying for seconds... then continued again. My nursing attempt was consist of calming the baby and the mother, both of them was in a n unvo.fortable situation. Calming patient and the near ones the thing we studied in first term...  And I did it...  Then i learned that if u want to calm down thw patien, first u r self be calm... its ttuelly important... And all of us become patient or will be some times in life... Remember , take a deep breath and keep u r patience on the top of u r thoughts....
Be always healthy❤


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Får jag fråga var du läser sjuksköterskeutbildningen?
Jag själv kom in på ssk utbildningen o ska börja snart i ki. Tänkte fråga dig om tips o literaturlista för första terminen.
Tacksam för svaret.

Svar: hej jaan, nu du vet att jag är där, alltid för dig

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